Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tip/Trick: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - World 2 - Course 1 - 3rd Coin

Many people are trying to figure out how to get the 3rd Coin in Course 1.

Before you start, push on 1 to get a propeller. If you don't have any propellers, either go to a RED Toad House or complete another course that involves a propeller.

Right after that, go back to World 2 to Course 1. This one is the one with the sand gysers.

Start by using the propeller by shaking the Wii Remote. Try not to get hit by a creature while you hae the propeller with you. If you DO get hit, start all over and this time, try to be a little more careful.

Keep going until you find the 3rd Star Coin in a very unusual place, which you might think "but if I try to get the 3rd Star Coin, I might lose a life". Well, if you use your propeller, then you won't have to lose a life. Fall where the coin is at, then shake your remote quickly to get on another gyser. You got the coin! Now hurry to the goal to save your game.

To save your game, push + on your remote, push the button "Save", and push "Yes".

If you only had this coin left to get ALL the star coins in World 2, then you're lucky. You'll unlock a course in World 9 for getting ALL the star coins in World 2.

NOTE: World 9 will unlock when you completed World 1 - World 8, your WHOLE adventure.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tip/Trick: New Super Mario Bros. DS - World 4 - Course 2 - Double Jump "Marathon"

This one is a bit tricky.

Open the course that's in World 4 as Course 2. This one is with the purple stick lands that whenever you get on them they make you slide off. Start by doing a double jump, which is dashing and jumping at least 3 or 4 times (it's not exactly a double jump; you'll need to jump a few times before you do it).  Right after you pass the flag, start doing it more. If you fall or get hit, start at the flag and do a double jump until you get to the hill. When you get to the hill, start doing it more often.

This helps increase your skills! Do it more often to do it a lot faster than usual.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tip/Trick: New Super Mario Bros. DS - World 8 - Course 10 - 1-Up Trick

On the DS version, there's a 1-Up Trick on Course 10 in World 8 you can do.

Enter in the course, first of all. This course is the one with the melting rock falling out of the sky. Dash as fast as you can and try NOT to get caught by the bombs and the melted rock. Keep going until you get to the midway point, which is when a flag jumps onto the screen. Go back to where a mini tube is. Jump up, and a box will appear that has a Star in it. Grab the Star and DASH!!! Hit as much bombs as you can. If you hit a melted rock with the Star, it will just smash into pieces. You might get approximately 4 to 6 1-Ups. When you see the goal, jump up as high as you can to get another 1-Up, but I wasn't able to really do this. ^^ But I could do this trick! :)

Congrats if you did it right! If you didn't do it right, try again; eventually you'll get it right! :D